Neotrizol® Neotrizol®
Neotrizol® Neotrizol®
  • Type of the medical product: Antibacterial
  • Pharmaceutical form: Vaginal tablets №8, 4 tablets in one blister
  • Composition: 100 mg Neomycin sulfate, 500 mg Ornidazole, 100 mg Mykonazole, 3 mg Prednisolone
  • Indication:

    Treatment of gynecological diseases lake bacterial vaginosis and vaginitis (caused by Candida albicans), mixed infections (caused by Trichomonas, anaerobic infections, including fungi and gardnerellas).

    Prevention of gynecological diseases before surgery. Remediation of the vagina, prior to delivery or abortion, before and after the introduction of intrauterine contraceptives, before and after diathermal coagulation cervical erosion, before intrauterine examinations.