Respix® Sinus Respix® Sinus
Respix® Sinus Respix® Sinus
Respix® Sinus
  • Type of the medical product: Dietary supplement
  • Pharmaceutical form: Powder for a warming drink with orange or wild strawberry taste in a sachet
  • Composition: Respix® Sinus with orange taste 1 sachet weighing 4.5 g contains: Sugar, orange flavor, citric acid (E 330), Mullein flower extract 50 mg (1.12%), Verbena officinalis herb dry extract 50 mg (1.12%), Black elderberry flower extract 50 mg (1.12%), Ginger dry extract 50 mg (1.12%), Pelargonium dry extract 50 mg (1.12%), L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 40 mg (0.89%)*, Black pepper extract, Menthol.
  • Indication:

    Respix® Sinus is a complex blend of natural herbal phytoextracts: divin, verbena, elderberry, pelargonium and ginger for a hot, warming drink.

    The components of Respix® Sinus are well-known traditional remedies, which recommended for use in cases of diseases of the upper respiratory tract (throat, paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity).