Mamolact® capsules are a source of biologically active substances that are appropriate if you need to improve lactation (quantity and quality of milk).



∙ speed up falling asleep; ∙ eliminate frequent awakenings at night; ∙ get rid of biorhythm disorders when changing time zones; ∙ to restore full sleep after psycho-emotional overload and stress; ∙ promotes easy awakening. Method of administration: The recommended intake is 1 tablet daily or more as prescribed by your doctor. Melatonin is a normal human hormone. Melatonin synchronizes the biological rhythms of day and night, which can be disrupted due to lack of sleep, when working on night shifts or due to traveling and changing time zones. The consumption of additional melatonin helps to adapt to the phenomena of desynchronosis and improves falling asleep, quality of sleep, reduce frequent nighttime awakenings, restores full sleep in case of psycho-emotional overload and stress.  

Mebsyn Retard®


· Symptomatic treatment of abdominal pain and spasms, bowel disorders and a sense of discomfort in the intestinal tract with irritable bowel syndrome; · Treatment of gastrointestinal spasms of secondary genesis caused by organic diseases.